Curiosity and The Cat

I ran away for President’s Day Break.  I haven’t done anything particularly glamorous while away, but I did stop into The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City with some friends one afternoon.  My brain works rather differently from the physics and genetics explored inside of this museum, but it was fascinated nevertheless. The whole exhibit was designed to increase human’s overall curiosity, and it perked mine without a doubt.

It was my first time in a real life, had-to-pay-to-get in museum. Gotta say, it was pretty super.  I didn’t take any pictures inside of the Human Rights Gallery in fear of copyright infringement, but showed the Civil Rights Movement the pictures of 8 different photographers. The photos were motivational and chilling. This gallery alone is worth the admission fee. If you get a chance, make sure you stop in for a visit. You will leave inspired.  Also, you get a wrist band that says “Courageous Curiosity.”


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