Guitar Hero Baby!!!!

One thing that my roommate and I love to do when we take a break from studying is to play video games together. I have a PlayStation 2  at my house here in cedar and also have all my favorite games for it. I love Pac Man Fever, SSX Snowboarding, ATV Off Road Furry, and one of my absolute favorites is Guitar Hero. I know that it sounds kind of nerdy but I do like video games. When my roommate and I play Guitar Hero we have a blast.

My roommate being the artist/photographer that she is decided that we should document this moment. We decided to see what crazy different poses we could do while playing.

And my all time favorite…

This took us a while to get it just right. We both just laugh at this because my roommate kind of looks like she has frog legs and then for some reason I threw my arm in the air. This is just one of the many games my roommate and I have a blast doing together.

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