The Hunger Games, SUU Style.

A huge part of my last semester here at SUU is working on my Senior Project. I’ll be spending a lot of time writing up my Senior Thesis as part of my Mass Media Theory & Effects class. We’re working on developing our papers the entire semester, currently I’m working on my Literature Review. For my thesis I’m doing research and a content analysis on popular lifestyle blogs. But my project is not really what I want to talk about, I want to share with you the Senior Project of a student who graduated last year.

Last year my friend posted this video on Facebook. Having read the Hunger Games and knowing this friend only posts quality stuff I watched the video.

I would have believed someone if they told me this was the legitimate trailer. Then I started noticing a few things that seemed very familiar to me, the Southern Utah landscape, and I knew I had definitely seen some of these faces around campus before.

This was the 2011 BFA Capstone Project for former SUU student Kim Shelby. The video has been up on youtube now for around 10 months and has over a quarter million views! That is a quality Senior Project.

5 thoughts on “The Hunger Games, SUU Style.

  1. somebody posted the link to this video on facebook and I thought it was the official trailer. then I too started recognizing faces of the actors. cool video. well done.

  2. Someone showed this to me and love that this project has been recognized from the very heart of where it was made.

    I (Kim Shelby) am still chasing my film dreams and have the incredible opportunity to attend University of Southern California’s Master’s School of Cinematic Arts.

    And this dream I have?
    It all started at SUU.

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