Cedar City Eats: Pastry Pub

Since my freshman year, one of my favorite places to eat in Cedar City has been The Pastry Pub.

My roommate and I were hooked freshman year & would go about once a month. There are many great places to eat in Cedar City, but I suggest this to anyone looking for a tasty salad (my favorite is the citrus fruit salad or the winter seasonal salad – pictured above), sandwich (they offer sandwiches on sliced bread, subs, croissants, bagels, or in wraps), pasta, or someone who wants to splurge on the divine Chocolate Tiger Cake (pictured below — this can easily be shared between two people because it’s quite rich…and delicious). They also have Italian sodas, smoothies, warm drinks, etc.


The Pub is a quaint, family-friendly restaurant. I love the atmosphere, background music, the customer service, and the food (of course). For this reason, I normally take first-time Cedar City visitors to the pub.

Food suggestions?

Nearly every time I eat at The Pastry Pub, I get the “Half Sandwich & Salad” menu option for just $5.95. And it fills me up every time. But, there are a variety of options … so go try it out. And if you’ve been, what do you usually get? Would you go again? And if my rave isn’t enough, check out these 27 other reviews that gave it an average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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