What to do when the snow ruins your plans?

So this week I was supposed to go up to Brianhead with a couple people I work with. We were going to enjoy a day of skiing and snowboarding and they top the day off by going hot tubing. Well the morning of the day that we were supposed to be going up, I wake up and see snow everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. Me being from St. George am not comfortable driving in snow, and since I was the one who was suppose to drive us all up there we ended up not being able to go. This definitely bummed me out, because just the other day I learned how to olie on my snowboard and really wanted to test out my new skills on the snow. So I came up with a brilliant idea. So I got my snowboard and all my gear and decided to go outside on my driveway to practice my skills.

Now I know this was probably  a really funny looking thing, me with my snowboard on my little driveway. It ended up being a lot of fun. I was able to practice my new skills, as well as give my roommate a great laugh.


While I was practicing my jumping I was looking around and saw one of my neighbor’s driveways and decided I had to try to snowboard down it. It was kind of a failed attempt because the snow was deep powder so I kept getting stuck.


Even though my original plans of doing some real snowboarding got ruined, I made the most of it and found my own way to do what I wanted and had a blast!


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