The Dating Doctor

Dating- The very word brings both joy and fear to men everywhere. Oftentimes, men and women can use a little help with it. Sometimes, we just don’t know how to help ourselves.

This problem is shown in a very entertaining way in the movie Hitch with Will Smith. Now, while this is one of my favorite movies, I knew that it was a fictional story. However, it is based on something real-

We had a visit last week from the real date doctor, David Coleman.

He is an actual “Date Doctor” that gives relationship advice to his clients and travels the country doing group sessions. I convinced a bunch of my friends to go with me and we had a great time.

There was a free spaghetti dinner before the show. I’m always up for free food, and it tasted delicious. Plus, we were close to the front stage!

After dinner, the show started. It was really great! David is a great public speaker that knows his stuff. Throughout the show he had some very interesting (and hilarious) slides, gave guys and girls dating advice, then took questions from the crowd.

One of the entertaining theories he shared with us

I can honestly say that through the show, I learned a LOT about dating. Then after the show, David stuck around for a while so anyone who wanted could come and ask him any questions they had.

I was able to score some great advice and this sweet picture-

Thank you SUU for bringing the Dating Doctor to campus! It was an AWESOME night!


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