Go go go, fight fight fight….

WIN Tbirds!

Thursday night, there was an SUU Overnight. That was my first experience at SUU when I was a high school senior and definitely played a HUGE role in my decision to attend SUU the following year. Have you ever attended an overnight or any other campus event?

Well, last night our activity with the overnight guests was the SUU Men’s Basketball game (followed by a hypnotist show & icecream). The Tbirds played the University of Missouri – Kansas City and at half time, we were down 33-20. I must be a glass-half-empty sports fan because I thought for sure the UMKC Kangaroos had the game in their …. pouches? (Kangaroos don’t have hands, do they?).

But, guess what? Well, let’s take a look at the final score:

That’s right. The SUU Thunderbirds won the game 57-47. It was an exciting second half! Sporting events are definitely a way to be social in college, support your school, and take a break from homework. Read more about the game here!

Go Tbirds!


3 thoughts on “Go go go, fight fight fight….

  1. I attended the parent portion of this SUU Overnight event. Two of my kids are planning to go to SUU next year as freshmen, and when I shared what I learned with one of my older children who has been looking for a school, he decided to consider SUU as well.

    I was very impressed with all our tour guides. My daughters had a wonderful time. As an SUU alumni, I was very proud to show off my school. I especially liked the video of the tour guides running around campus at the last meeting. Kudos to everyone involved, and don’t forget to put this on your resume.

  2. Great post Cheri! Kylee and I didn’t get there until right after half time so we are convinced we’re the reason SUU won! Just call us the good luck charms.

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