One of my favorite foods to eat are smoothies! My roommate this year is a vegetarian, and started making herself smoothies for breakfast. One morning she made herself a smoothie when we went to the gym, she let me taste it and it reminded me of how much I love smoothies. So I went and bought myself some frozen Raspberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries, along with some vanilla yogurt and some bananas so I could smart making myself some smoothies

The other night my roommate and I decided that we both wanted to have smoothies for dinner, so we had a smoothie night.

Smoothies are good anytime of the year, and there are so many different kinds of smoothies that you can have. They are a healthy filling snack or a satisfying meal. There are also not that expensive to make, and you can make any kind you want. Berry, tropical, citrus, the sky is the limit.


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