English 2010

Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite classes I’m taking this semester- English 2010. Now, through High School, English was not my favorite subject. I had to take it, but I never got excited about the assignments we had.

What made this change happen? Two words- Joe Willis.

One unique thing that SUU does is have English 2010 classes based on subjects. Some are writing about Women’s Rights, some students write about Polynesian Culture, and others write about Medical Studies.

Me? I’m in English 2010: Writing about Graphic Narratives. Now, you might not know what that means exactly, so I’ll simplify it. I’m in an English class where the topic is Comic Books. Batman, Superman, the X-Men, etc. It’s really awesome.

This is a picture of some of our reading materials for the semester-

Pretty sweet, huh?

Understanding Comics- This is the main book for the class. It talks about the influences Comics have on modern culture and English rules within them.

Blankets- This is a autobiography that was written in comic book form.

Batman: The Long Halloween- Murder mystery graphic novel. The modern Batman movies were loosely based on this.

Needless to say, I’m really excited for this class. I’m kinda a nerd, so the fact that my homework assignments include things like reading Batman is great. We turned our first paper in already and it was easy for me to type the 4 pages.

Now, don’t think that this is just some easy, fake English class, because it’s not. We’re still learning how to write well formed papers, just with a topic that is interesting to me.

To me, that’s a sign that a college is doing something right.


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