Glamorous Life of a Data Entry Worker

Samuel Campus Tours Taylor used to be my name. I gave tours of campus like my life depended upon it. One of the most common questions during those tours was about on-campus jobs. The question was always phrased this way, “Is it easy to find a job on-campus?” I would proceed to give the prospective student and their parents my canned speech about the availability of on-campus jobs. I never wanted to guarantee the student a job, so I frequently used the word “competitive” to describe SUU’s job market.

Well, there might be an opening.

For the past 2 and half years, this little fellow has worked for the SUU Admissions Office.

Remember that card you filled out when SUU came to your high school? Someone had to put your information into the computer.

Remember that fancy book with all the pictures (including one of me, HOLLA) that SUU sent you? Someone recorded SUU sending you that information.

Remember your high school transcript you had sent to SUU? Someone had go through that transcript to find your GPA.

Remember the application you filled out? Someone had to process your application.

Remember the acceptance letter you received in the mail from SUU? Someone had to check to make sure those letters went out.

That person was me, along with a whole team of admissions clerks. Working for SUU Admissions has been a huge blessing in my life. It saved me from student loan debt, and I honestly think having a job while going to school made me a better student. Working 20 hours a week, being a full-time student, and being involved on-campus clubs doesn’t allow for a ton of leisure time. Having a job has forced me to learn to manage my time and priorities.

If you want to know what my average day at work was like, read this blog post I wrote on my personal blog.  FYI, data entry is a great college job, and working on-campus is the greatest. Most on-campus employers emphasize that school comes first and work comes second. If I had to chat with a professor about an assignment, my boss would let me off until matters had been taken care of. It fostered a environment of learning.

Let me introduce you to the place that takes care of most of the paperwork you see as a Future T-Bird:

Here are some of the other student workers typing their little brains out.

This co-worker has been sentenced to the back of the office for bad behavior-kidding. She might be the golden child of the office, and I love her for it.

This is where my boss Amy works. She is over sending out mailings to 30,000 people at a time. NBD.

(My bosses were excited about having their picture takes, so I just took pictures of their empty offices).

This is Trudy. She is over international admissions. Also, she LOVES frogs.

This the big bosses office. Her name is Chris. She knows the answers to all the sticky questions.

Here is the part where I start to get sentimental. Friday was my last day working for SUU Admissions because I was offered another job on-campus working writing marketing plans for Auxiliary Enterprises. (That means I work for Housing, Bookstore, Food Services, Event Services, and Parking Services). This office was so good to me, and I am horribly sad to leave. Some jobs feel like an extension of your home. The Admissions Office was that for me.

So here, I write my final farewell to my job at Southern Utah University Admissions. I hope I left you better than I found you.


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