Love a Free Concert

During my senior year of high school I started watching American Idol. This was the 7th season, and it has definitely been my most favorite season, though I really only ended up being a faithful viewer through 2 more. My favorite contestants from that year were David Archuleta, Jason Castro and Brooke White.

I was pretty stoked when I found out I would be helping out with the David Archuleta concert that I posted about last week. Then just a day after that post went up I found out that another season favorite Brooke White would be playing a FREE show in St. George this week.

So Tuesday night I headed down south with some friends for the concert. She’s currently working on her new duet project Jack & White.  A project that includes Jack Matranga. Their music is so good. Here’s a link to a Power 91 post I did on them last semester. I highly recommend their music. Brooke White played some of her solo stuff but my most favorite part of the concert was when they played their Jack & White stuff.

Here are some clips from the concert

Such good music, and as we left St. George some pretty great fireworks went off, too perfect.


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