Students get the discounts, folks.

Let me tell you a little reason why being a student is GREAT. Every year, a “starving student card” is sold to students for $25. Now, I will be honest … have I ever bought one? No. But I do have kind friends who have bought them & share the things they would never use (for example, is a guy ever going to use the free Glitter Toes voucher? Let’s hope not).

Well, yesterday was Martin Luther King Junior day, which also means no school. So, my friend Rebekah and I decided to take advantage of being a student. We went to the local Healing Mountain Massage School & were treated with a 50-minute full-body massage for $20. Nice. This was my first experience getting a “real” massage … and I can assure you, it will not be the last 🙂 We needed to relax after an intense first week of school, right?

(here we are before getting our massages)

But, if massages aren’t your idea of fun, here are a number of other discounts available with the card:

-Buy one get one free Arctic Circle shake (I suggest hot fudge Oreo. It’s my favorite, but you can have as many mix-ins as you want!)

-50% off one day lift ticket to Brian Head

-Buy one, get one free cone from Maggie Moo’s (can you tell this girl likes loves her icecream?)

-Buy one loaf of Great Harvest bread, get a second loaf free (there are so many delicious options including the dakota or the pumpkin bread)

-Buy 1 game of bowling, get one free (great date idea!)

So, hopefully I’ve convinced you there are a lot of benefits to the starving student card. I know I witnessed one today and best thing? There is no limit to the student discount for massages. Woo! Looks like it’ll be getting a few more massages this semester.


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