David Archuleta Concert

My winter break was pretty fantastic. I was able to see all of my siblings and their families, I was a bridesmaid for one of my favorite cousins, I spent a week up in Salt Lake with friends, hiked a mountain and then sled off it, had a New Years Eve dance party, and watched a lot of SUU and Jazz Basketball.

Before my break started though I had one big project left for my Event Management class. This project was helping out with the local David Archuleta concert. On December 10th David Archuleta performed a show at the Heritage Theater here in Cedar City. The performance was in conjunction with the President’s Gala.

Members of my class were able to work with the Heritage Theater staff in preparing for and the production of this concert. We helped out with this concert in various ways including hospitality, green room accommodations, transportation, security, parking, a fan club photo shoot, and ushering.

I was able to help with coat check and securing a few stage entrances. In preparation for the concert our class learned a lot about contracts and working with artists. COMM 4600 turned out being one of my favorite classes of the semester, I highly recommend it.





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