chipmunk fever.

As a great start to the semester, I thought I’d tell you about one of the most eventful experiences I’ve ever had during a break…

I lost wisdom. In the form of four strategically located teeth. 

Here’s a little (ish) story of what happened (photos below):

My dentist said now was as good of time as ever to remove the below-the-gum teeth. Better now before the roots grow, he said. Because my dentist was performing the surgery, I wouldn’t be “put under”; rather, I would just be numbed. This means I saw the tools, heard the drilling, and everything else.

So, let’s be honest. I was a LITTLE bit nervous. The dentist proceeds to start giving me shots to numb my entire jaw. Well, as he gives me a shot for my upper jaw, the shot hit a nerve, which caused a shock. I was more than freaked out about that, especially because for 3-4 minutes after, I felt dizzy and couldn’t see straight out of that one eye. Let’s just say … I was shaking a bit & nervous.

But, then it was time to get started.

The top two came out relatively easy. But … then it was time for the bottom. Apparently there was bone they had to cut through & then because the tooth wasn’t coming out, it had to be cut into pieces. The numbness was starting to wear out, so the dentist gave me 4 more shots for my lower jaw. Nearly an hour later, the tooth was finally removed! On to the next tooth.

They gave me more shots before they started & although the same process had to be repeated of removing bone & cutting the tooth, it didn’t take as long. The only trouble I had at the end was the fact that the dentist kept asking me to open my mouth “a little wider.” Well, for one, I couldn’t tell how wide I was opening it. And two, after 2+ hours, my mouth was sore. I could not keep it open!

The following thoughts swirled through my mind during the nearly 3-hour process:

“How did people do this before having medicine?”

“I should find out the history of getting wisdom teeth out … who discovered that they need to be removed? When was that?” 

“My lips feel huge!”

“When I have a baby one day, I will definitely take advantage of the epidural.”

“I’m glad i don’t have a cold sore right now.”

“Focus on the words of the song, not the pressure.”

“If thou shall endure it well, thou shalt be exalted on high.” (my personal favorite that made me crack a few smiles)

Here are some photos to enjoy:



Right outside of the dentist office. I was able to smile a little.

A few days later…

Swelling gone! Hooray. It ended up taking about two weeks to heal completely because I ended up getting dry socket (a nasty infection) so the swelling last longer than usual. But, all is well now. And, even though I couldn’t eat the delicious Christmas Eve dinner, at least I can enjoy all the treats Santa left in my stocking…just a few weeks later.

I also recorded myself in the car on the drive home. If you watch it, I hope you enjoy!


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