Grinch in a Good Way

Christmas Break was splendid, but I am having a hippie moment. Please, bare with me. I pondered forever what to give friends for Christmas this year, and all I could think was the superficial tendencies of Christmas gifts. Maybe it is the college textbooks starting to play with my brain and distort my sense of reality, but even if you put a lot of thought into a gift, in the end it is still a thing. I don’t want to be the person who gives away things to compete against another person’s thing. I don’t want to be remembered because of the things I gave away. I didn’t want bring great tidings of great things on Christmas Day. After all, things are the first thing to be forgotten.

So, I did what any rationale college student pretending to be a hippie would have done, I decided to make Christmas different this year. I did not buy presents inside of the shopping mall or on Nor did I hand make yummy caramels and chocolate covered pretzels to fill the bellies of my friends and family. While I love my worldly things and the presents given to me, I felt different about how to go about buying presents things year. I am not really sure you could say that I bought my friends a present (other than a little card). Rather, I gave them something different. It isn’t a thing. I took the money I would have spent on each individual present and donated it towards a cause I believe in: charity: water. Technically, I think I actually gave my friends gifts away, but for something so much greater than a deck of cards or a bag of Twizzlers. Together my friends and family gave 2 people in Africa clean water for 20 years. Better yet, they are providing health, education, and economic stability to our brothers and sisters in developing countries. If that ain’t remarkable, then fetch, call me the Grinch.

I will not be apologize for giving a very unconventional gift. Someone needed it more.


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