Cooling off the Stress!

Finals week is coming up next week! I know it can be a stressful time, trying to get all the studying in that you need so you don’t fail any of your finals and get the grades you want to pass the class, keep your scholarships or just for personal achievement. With all that studying you do need to take a break sometime and I know something you can do!

So last night I went to my Biology study group as I usually do every Wednesday, and of course I was starting to get stressed about our final coming up next week. So we got a study room and went to study. A little ways into our studying Kaden annouces that he got a promotion at work and that we should all go out to celebrate. At first I thought “No I should just go home and study some more.” As we kept studying, I started to feel a bit over whelmed. Going out afterwards was the best idea to give myself a break. We ended up going to Krave. One of my favorite places. It was so cool cause when I got there I saw my heavy wieght champion picture. It was the first time I have seen it up.

This was definitely the best idea. Not only were we celebrating with a friend but I also go to go out and do something beside study. I encourge everyone to take a break from studying every now and then and just do something fun, even if its as simple as treating yourself to some yummy Krave 🙂 just look at how much fun you could have.

I really makes me laugh that this is how the picture turned out. But it just made the night even better.


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