Save the last dance for me.

Friday night the LDS Institute had a dance in the Heritage Center Lobby. It is always fun to switch up the venue for the dances, although they kind get kind of crowded. They even had a baked potato bar and a variety of brownies to snack on throughout the night.

Unlike Carly, I am not good at dancing; yet, I love to attempt (see my crazy face in the photo?). Do I make a fool of myself? You bet. But it’s all in the name of good fun. We jammed out to Kelly Clarkson, Journey’s classic “Don’t Stop Believin” (always a favorite), Cupid Shuffle, and even Rebecca Black’s “Friday” had an appearance. For some reason, even though that song had the title of “Worst Song Ever,” when it came on, many people yelled all the words while jumping up & down — myself included.

I even danced with (who I consider to be the tbirdnation “captain”) Sam! Obviously it was the best dance of the night.

Anyway, now I hear my Spanish homework, Event Management final project, and sanity calling my name. Have a great Tuesday!

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