How to Survive 7 Hours at the Library

I know the thought of seven hours in the library is basically a foreign idea to all Future T-Birds but know that it is going to happen. Mark my words.

Here is how I survive:

  1. FiberOne Bars. Seven hours straight means that you aren’t taking a dinner break. FiberOne bars have chocolate (which makes you happy) and fiber (which makes your body happy). I fully endorse going to Sam’s Club or Costco and buying a box of 50. I would weigh 120 pounds without them.
  2. Soft chairs. I don’t know who decided to put hardwood chairs in the library, but no one ever wants to sit on them. Use your elbows and get a padded cushion.
  3. Good Music. Seriously, I would die if I didn’t have my music breaks. Rhetorical analysis is great and all, but seven hours straight will do some damage.

Good music is something that is rather new to my life. You see, I grew up in Mona, UT. That means I listened to nothing but Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Toby Keith, and Tim McGraw. When a country song from before 2008 comes on the radio, I will be able to sing along, and that surprises most everybody. Let’s just say, I am not “Mona Crew,” if you catch my drift. This goes out to all of my Mona Crew homies who have yet to hear anything not written in Nashville.

I personally indulge on these people tunes.

Shake it Out, Florence + The Machine. I love Florence + The Machine so much I named by iPod Florence.

Double Trouble, Jack and White. Jack and White are what I wish She & Him sounded like.

Safe in LA, Gold Motel. Gold Motel is quite possibly my favorite band. I saw them live in Salt Lake last February, and I have been in love ever since. I actually bought their whole album, which is something I never ever do.

Medicine Man, The Hush Sound. Yep, that is Greta Morgan from Gold Motel you see, but this is her first band, The Hush Sound. Love both of her bands. Wish The Hush Sound was still making music.

The Temptation of Adam, Josh Ritter. I just like Josh Ritter.

White Blank Page, Mumford and Sons. Some days I think to myself, “Mumford and Sons music will probably be played in heaven it is so perfect.”

Better than any Glee Mash-Up, Sam Tsui. His music is really a guilty pleasure and unlike everything else I have showed you guys. I don’t really like any of these songs, unless Sam Tsui is singing them. There is just something about his name I like.

Take my advice, and you will be ready for war against the library come next December when you are in school.


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