A Time to Learn

One of the classes that I am taking this semester, for my major, is Adaptive Physical Education. In this class, we learn about how to do tests to see if children need extra help, how to know what signs to look for with children that may need extra help, and how to work with them. An assignment that I did in this class was spend two hours a week over at Canyon View High School and help out in their Special Education department.  The scope of the assignmet is to observe and help out a student in a physical education class, then at the end write a paper about what you observed and if you feel the student inproved in different areas. For me it is a bit different. When I go over to the high school they are on block schedule (so they have A and B days and have each class every other day), and they don’t always have students that have a physical education class so I get to work with different students each day I go.

The first day I went I got to go with a boy to his P.E. class. In the class they were preparing to run a mile so they had to run 7 laps. the boy has a student in his class that runs with him and it was so cool for the first time he finished all his laps and that was the most he every did. The next time I got to go work with a different boy and take him to Seminary. Then later that same day I went recyling with all of the boys in the class. There are 7 different boys that I have had the opportunity to work with this semester. There is one boy who is leagally deaf and blind but he can see and hear some. What I have learned working with him is that he loves chocolate and he loves noise, so I made him his very own noise maker.

This has been such a fun experience to go to the high school and work with these students. Everyday I got a new experience with a different student who needs a little extra help in different areas. This is definitely one of the best education experiences I have had thus far at SUU.


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