all good things must end.

Every November something really good happens, a select group of men stop shaving, for THE WHOLE MONTH. And it’s beards galore all around campus. Even though Cheri posted about this event a bit earlier in the month, I still needed to post about it as well, that’s how important it is. To celebrate this annual event that is No Shave November I would like to share with you some of the beards that have graced our campus with their presence this past month.

So you can fully appreciate the beard in each stage of the month here are a few beards from about the halfway mark of the month.

Snowboarder with a Beard

Baller with a Beard

Business Man with a Beard

Firefighter with a Beard

Now for some beards in their whole month of fullness.

Drummer with a Beard

Fire Builder with a Beard

Tracklete with a Beard

Kayaker with a Beard

Bub with a Beard

Hello to December…

…and goodbye to the beards


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