3 weeks remaining!

I can’t believe the semester is almost coming to an end. We have three weeks left of school at SUU before Christmas break. Then, just like that, classes will be starting up again and another semester will be underway. Thanksgiving Break also starts …. well, as soon as class ends today, which is very exciting.

Sometimes it is hard to focus when there is such little time left, so I thought I’d give four suggestions for what I do when the end of the semester rolls around:

1. Don’t get stuck in a rut. In other words, don’t just focus on the count down (although that is probably hypocritical of the first paragraph). If you focus on getting each project done, making sure to complete assignments on time, you’ll get through the last few weeks.

2. Take time to have fun. Yes, studying for finals is important. Yes, those final projects are sometimes a pain and lack of motivation may be running high. But, work hard. Don’t give your worst at the end of the semester. Instead, work hard, but also take breaks while studying. Go grab some frozen yogurt at Krave or a white hot chocolate from The Grind.

3. Make time to exercise. Whenever I get really stressed and unmotivated, I ¬†realize there usually has been a lack of exercise. So, dust off your gym shoes, rent some rock climbing equipment for the indoor rock wall, or find some friends who can (or can’t) play racquetball.

4. Get enough sleep. This one can be quite difficult for college students, but I have found that I can focus more, I am happier, and I feel less stressed when I get enough sleep at night.

Do you have any tips to share?


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