The Tale of Virgina Loomis

Rumor has it that the building Old Main on campus is haunted by a ghost. The ghost appears every full moon at midnight in the upper window of Old Main. In my four years at SUU, I have never sat outside of Old Main waiting for her to appear. Saturday night, this all changed.

Now everyone has their own variations of the story of how the ghost found it’s way into Old Main, but this is what I was told:

Back when Old Main was being built in the late 1800s there was a murder of a young teenage girl named Virgina Loomis. Virgina was murdered in the red hills east of Cedar City. She was left dead lying on a red sandstone rock. The same rock Virgina was killed on was used in the construction of Old Main and carried the spirit of Virgina with it. The only suspect in the case, her boyfriend, was let off because they did not have enough evidence. Years later, the boyfriend returned back to SUU’s campus to take a job tending the fire in Old Main just two weeks before the legendary fire that took the building down in 1948. Her boyfriend, who had grown to be an old man, was killed in the fire caused by Virgina.

Another version of the story goes like this:

At midnight you can hear the song “Deep Purple” being played on the piano from somewhere in the dark. A teenage girl was practicing  to perform the piece at the Junior Prom when she suddenly died of a heart attack. Now she haunts Old Main practicing the piece never got to play at the prom.

Now, I have heard so many different stories about the Old Main ghost it makes it all a tad unbelievable. Details are changed by Presidential Ambassadors nearly every time they give a tour. But, my old boss was inside Old Main with her young nephew late one night, and he asked her if someone was practicing the piano inside of the building. Eerie? Yes.

Don’t ask me why I waited until winter time to wait outside and freeze, but I did. Investigative journalism cannot wait.

November 19, 2011: 11:59 AM

November 20, 2011: 12:00 AM

This is the window she is rumored to appear in. Where are you Virgina? Are ghosts actually ceiling lights? If so, I have grow up living among ghosts, and I had no idea. In fact, there is a ghost behind me in my room right now.

I have a confession: It was not a full moon that night, so I guess you could say the moral of the story is that she does not appear on non-full moon nights.


One thought on “The Tale of Virgina Loomis

  1. I read this last night at 11PM… my home office was pitch black (didn’t want to wake Kyden up in the next room). Let’s just say that I started to get creeped out reading about the story. I finished the blog, shut off the computer and went and crawled into the safety of my bed.

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