This semester I am enrolled in biology 1610 (general biology 1).  One day while I was sitting in class the girl that sits in front me turned around and introduced herself to me. Her name is Jessica and she is a freshmen from Lehi, Ut. We started talking and she invited me to a study group for biology. At the study group, I met Kaden and AJ who are also in my biology class. Now we meet at least twice a week in the library, where usually get a study room.

Our study group is so much fun. Kaden knows a lot of stuff about biology and really understands what we are talking about in our lecture.  We go through our notes from class and then Kaden will explain things in a different way if one of us doesn’t understand something.

He is very creative in the way that he explains things and uses a lot of different analogies. One of my favorites is when we were talking about the leading and lagging strands of DNA he referenced Disneyland and explained the whole concept as if you were waiting to get on a ride.

Lately, the food of choice for our study group is Wheat Thins. The past few times we have had our study group its been when I haven’t been able to go home inbetween class so I have had a box of Wheat Thins in my backpack and we have snacked on those.

Not only is it really nice  to get together and study but we have a lot of fun and it seems to be when one of us feels we need a little break from studying, we will go off on a random tagent for a few minutes or jump on facebook.

I am so glad that Jessica decided to talk to me and that our study group has formed. It is so helpful for me. Its nice to hear another way of explaining what we are talking about, and its a blast!

Here is a link to a video of Kaden going over what a Chromatin is.



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