birthdays with friends.

College has blessed me with some really good friends. Two of my really good friends celebrated their birthday’s this past week. One of my favorite things is celebrating birthdays with friends, and another one of my favorite things is baking cupcakes. These two make a really good combination.

We started the celebrations Friday night with a pool party for one friend. It was a great time, probably 40 people showed up.

And Saturday we continued the celebration with cupcakes.

Yesterday was a second friend’s birthday, we met up at 6:30 am for breakfast. With work and class schedules it was the only time we could meet. I was impressed with our early morning turnout, such dedicated friends we have. Everyone looks so happy to be up so early.

Then we met up in the evening for cupcakes, the perfect birthday treat.

November seems to be a pretty popular month for birthdays. If your birthday is in November, Happy Birthday and I hope you ate a cupcake.

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