No Shave November

Every year when November comes around, a majority of my male friends participate in “No Shave November.” I had never heard of this trend until my freshman year of college (perhaps this was because many of my friends couldn’t grow facial hair in high school).

Here are some examples of SUU men (and even a faculty member) who are participating this month.

(Shawn, Chaz, and Shaun)

Some men are participating in “Mo”vember this year, which encourages men to grow mustaches to raise awareness, money, and support for men’s health. You can see more here on the official Movember website.

Even SUU faculty, such as Professor Kevin Stein (he was the professor I talked about in this post at the beginning of the semester) are participating in No Shave November. And yes, he has been participating for the month thus far (he told us this in class when asked about his beard).

So, who do you think has the best beard/mustache in this post? Do you participate in No Shave November or would you in the future?

*My friend Aaron participates each year and posted a chart for guidance about the “trustworthiness of beards”. I found it humorous and thought you might enjoy it too. You can read his post here. This is the chart:


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