It is the Ray Bans?

I enjoy a good political debate. Truthfully, I look forward to hearing what anti-federal government statement Ron Paul will come up with this week and counting how many times the word “nine” will come out of Herman Cain’s mouth in the short course of an hour and a half. Does that make me nerdy? Good. I do wear the cliche Ray Bans nerds where in all of the movies. So, I guess the stereotype fits.

Well, me and the other “nerds” on SUU’s campus gathered together on 11/09/11 for the GOP Presidential Nominee Debate (so badly I wish it was actually on 11/11/11. It would be nerd heaven). The event was my baby because I am over events for the Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service. It was the least stressful event of my whole life. The TV did all of the planning for me. All I had to do was schedule the room and make sure the goodies showed up.

The goodies were the best part of the night other than that awkward Rick Perry moment. We had pudding dirt cups and sugar cookies with nerd glasses and pocket protectors frosted on them.

Other than the debate, we encouraged people to draw political cartoons. We are giving out a $100 cash price to the best cartoon. This alone gave me enough incentive to enter one myself despite my zero drawing talent. Here is what I came up with:

If you don’t get it, Herman Cain owns Godfather’s Pizza. And here is another one I created on the computer after the debate. Tag lines are more my thing than the cartooning, BTW.

None of my political ideology is endorsed by this blog or SUU in general. (They didn’t even make me put this!)

If you are a nerd like me and missed the debate, here is a link to the whole thing.

In other random news:

I tried the Olive Cheese Bread recipe that Nicole left in the comment section of “Baby Food.”

So tasty! Martha Stewart should endorse this fancy bread with tomato soup.

Also, let this show that I am seriously about suggestions in the comments. You comment with suggestions and I will do my best to deliver.


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