Where is SUU Going Next?

Last night I go the opportunity to go down to St. George for an SUU Open House.  Let me explain what an SUU Open House is: it’s where an SUU admissions counselor,  University Housing, Scholarships and Financial Aid, and some Presidential Ambassadors and a Community Attache, host an event for people to come and get information about SUU.

A Presidental Ambassador (which is what I am) is someone who gets to give tours and help with different recruiting events for high school Juniors and Seniors. Community Attaches are students who give housing tours and host students for overnights.

I found the Open House event to be really fun. There was a question and answer session and I got to be one of the students to answer question that people had about SUU. I am from St. George and I ran into a girl that I went to high school with named Eva. It was so cool to see her and see that she is interested in SUU. I talked to her about my SUU experience there thus far.

I love the fact SUU has many different opportunities to get information about the school if you are thinking about coming or even if your not. It may just open your eyes to a school you overlooked. It happened to me!


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