Learnin’ about Prezi & 7,000,000,000 People

Here at college, there are many new things that students learn about. Some of these include- new facts about what we already know, new ideas on how things work, and new ways to solve problems. In my University 1000 class (Taught by Matt Barton- an AWESOME Professor!) we had a debate on the which presentation software was “better”; Microsoft Powerpoint or Prezi. Many of us in the class had never heard of Prezi before, so we had to do some out of class research. While searching prezi.com, I started to realize how cool this program that had flown under my radar really was! I came to the conclusion that while both programs are made for presentations, neither is better or worse than the other. They are just built for different purposes. After coming to realize this, I decided that I wanted to find a school project that I could use Prezi on.

Luckily, my COMM 1010 class was about to start having “Informative Presentations” as an assignment. As I thought about this project, I realized that it was the perfect opportunity for me to try making a Prezi instead of a PowerPoint. I chose my topic, world population, and got to work.

The thing that is cool about college is you have a lot of choice in what you do. I got to choose my topic instead of having it randomly assigned, and I was hooked. I was fascinated by the amount of different people we now have on the planet right now. Know the old saying, “You’re one in a million”? That’s now outdated, because if it was true, there would be 7,000 people like you. Yep, there are now 7 billion people here on the Planet Earth, as of this Halloween, Oct 31st, 2011. Crazy stuff huh? So I began making my Prezi about the world population and really got sucked into the assignment. I spent a TON of time experimenting with Prezi trying out different ways of presenting the information and finally found a way that was really great for this project. Describing it would be difficult, so I figured out how to “embed” the Prezi into this page for all of your viewing pleasure.



6 thoughts on “Learnin’ about Prezi & 7,000,000,000 People

  1. Thank you guys! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s cool how many amazing programs you can find on the internet these days.

    Oh, one more thing. Thanks to everyone for reading!

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