the start of a winter wonderland

Maybe I’m the weather girl for this Tbirdnation blog, since I did write about the fall in this post.

But, regardless. Yesterday I woke up to inches of snow that continued all day. I bundled up nice and warm (except I made the mistake of not packing my warmest winter coats when I moved to Cedar City this year –> mental note to pick those up Thanksgiving!) and headed off to campus. We’ve had a few bouts of snow this fall, but this time? It looks like it’s here to stay.

I took this picture after class. I can’t imagine riding a bike in this! Eek. I have enough trouble maintaining balance (and grace) in shoes, let alone on tires. I can’t wait to go sledding, have snowball fights (instead of just eating it as you can see that I enjoy), and maybe hit Brian Head for the ski/snowboard season.

But now it’s time for some hot chocolate and studying!

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