Fred Adams Chocolate Coke

There is a classic location in Cedar yet to be discussed on this here blog. This place would be the heart of Cedar City’s Main Street: Bulloch Drug. When you think of an adorable small town business, you think of Bulloch Drug. They are a pharmacy as their name would suggest, but that is the boring part of the store. The front of the store looks like it came straight out of the set for Bye Bye Birdie with an old fashion soda fountain, ice cream, jukebox, candy, and black and white checkered floor (poodle skirts encouraged).

Their iconic drink is the Fred Adams Chocolate Coke. Basically, all it is a regular Coke with a ladle full of chocolate syrup dumped into it. When you taste it, it really just taste normal, but the after taste leaves an interesting chocolaty sensation inside of your mouth. I couldn’t drink more than once in a week, but my taste buds did like it when I tried for the first time this summer.

This week I tried their Ironport. Going to be honest. Not my favorite. It was kind of like a red cream soda, but it tasted like spices. It was just plain strange. My friend Kristi loves it, but I would rather just have a red cream soda. I really should not have bought the 16 oz size. My stomach would have liked it more if I had only ordered the 12 oz. I can appreciate the old fashion sodas they have at Bulloch Drug even if the Ironport upset my stomach.

Also, I find this picture to be SUPER awkward. You’re welcome.

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