Halloween. The time of the year that ghosts roam the streets and free candy is found everywhere. Growing up, once I could no longer “Trick or treat”, Halloween wasn’t as exciting for me. Luckily for me, at SUU Halloween is actually a pretty big deal.  On the 28th of October, we had our Halloween celebration that is known as “The Howl”. It was a giant celebration that included a huge dance, a magician, free caricatures, and much more.

Two of my friends and I decided to go to The Howl as the comedy band known as The Lonely Island as seen in their new album Turtleneck and Chain. We were able to get together our costumes for fairly cheap thanks to DI, and we were off!The Howl was an AWESOME party. Once you paid for entry, everything inside was free, including caricatures, pictures with the parrots, the magic show by Daniel Martin, and even the “Flip Book” Photobooth. This was a photobooth where my friends and I had a six second video of us made, then it was printed off as a flip book animation.  It’s pretty dang cool, and best of all, it was free!

My friends and I had so much fun doing all of the activities out in the Rotunda that we didn’t even make it into the dance.  The time flew by and when the night was over, we left with many memories of our first “Howl-0-ween” here at SUU.


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