Get involved on campus, stuff some envelopes.

One of my favorite things about SUU is the opportunity given to get involved. My first year, I was involved with SUUSA (Southern Utah University Student Association). I’m involved with SUUSA again this year, but in a different way — I represent the Communication Department as the Department Representative.

I’ve also been involved for the past two years as a Presidential Ambassador. We give tours, help with events, and go to high schools to tell students how they can become T-birds!
We’ve had a lot of fun through the years: slip-n-slides, banquets, Distinguished Scholars’ Day, parades, parties, and of course…stuffing envelopes! Wait…huh? What does that mean? Well, I will show you. All of the info sent out to high schoolers is put together by your very own Presidential Ambassadors. Sometimes stuffing envelopes can seem like such a task. It must get done, so you go in, help for an hour, and leave. But, this last time? I actually had fun. Who knew? I guess anything can be fun if you’re with a great group of people friends.

If you’re interested in getting involved on campus, be sure to check out the SUU Leadership Weekends in February. It’s a great way to get involved with a campus organization (Housing, Alumni, Politics & Public Service, Presidential Ambassador, SUUSA, Service & Learning, etc.) I highly recommend it!


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