GRE Prep

Friends and family,

This week has been anything but a party. I take the GRE today, so I have been getting ready for this test. The GRE is a test kind of like the SAT or ACT for students interested in getting into graduate school. What does this all mean? I have been study for fun. None of this studying was required by any class, and I have spent probably 20 hours in the past two weeks trying to get ready.

For the first time in a long time, I am thinking about how to do algebra and geometry again. Furthermore, I am learning 7 syllable words such as magnanimity. I am learning all sorts of weird knowledge from these test prep questions. Want to in on some of the action? Here are some of the question from my GRE prep book designed by REA.

w, x, y are positive,
w + x+ y= 20, and w=x

Which statement is correct?
a. x>10
b. x<10
c. x and 10 are equal
d. cannot determine the relationship

Tautologous: Incongruous::

a. astutue:perspicacious        b. hyperbole:exaggeration
c. anamnesis:reminiscence   d. propinquity:proxmity
e. ignominious:magnanimous

What is the antanoym for Paucity:

a. dearth        b. loquacious
c. sanative    d. plethora
e. lugubrious

The club can’t even handle this much fun right now.

As you read this, chances are I will be taking the GRE. Wish me luck. I am excited to start this next chapter of my life.

Here are the answers: B, E, D


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