Tip Tapping Away

In an earlier blog I talked about my passion for dance with Hip Hop. Another style of dance that I love is tap. This semester I am taking a tap dancing class. I have been taking tap dance lessons for about 8 years now and just can’t get enough of it.

The picture above is of my friend Sharley. She and I have taken tap classes together for many years. This year its so cool that we get to take this tap class together at college. We both love to tap and enjoying doing out passion together.

In this class, we will learn a warm up to do every class as well as learn a dance that we will do for our final at the end of the semester. Here is a video of what we have learned so far of our dance for our final.

Another cool thing about this class is that you get graded on attendance and participation as well as how well you learn the dance and how much you have improved for when you first learned it. Kay Anderson, who is the professor for this class, is amazing. He will teach a combination then watch us do it and if anyone is struggling he will go over to them and help them better understand the step. I love that I can study what I want to study and still keep up with my passion.


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