radio, radio.

One of the organizations I’m involved with here on campus is our radio station Power 91. I’ve been involved with Power 91 every semester I’ve been here at SUU. The courses COMM 1560, which is Audio Broadcast Production, and COMM 3503, Practicum-Radio Lab, allow students to have experience working with radio production and being an on-air personality.

This semester my air shift is every Thursday from 10 am until 11 am. I love music, so much, and I love sharing the music I find with other people. I mainly listen to a lot of indie and alternative music. For my show I bring in different artists I love and new ones I discover and introduce them to my listeners.

Sometimes I blog about the music I play over here:

If you’re interested in broadcasting I highly recommend COMM 1560, then if you love that keep going with COMM 3503. I love applying the things I’ve learned in class through hands on experience in the station.

But mostly I love making people listen to the music I like.


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