font-family: rockwell, georgia, serif;

There is nothing that has been on my brain lately like a little HTML and CSS code. I wake up thinking about how external style sheets and div tags because I am in an introductory course on web development with a huge project due. This past week, we turned in a website we built from the ground up. My website I worked on was this very website/blog. My friend, who is a visionary graphic designer, said “tbirdnation” needed a facelift. So, we worked together in this class, along with another designer, to come up with a new look for tbirdnation. We are ready for your feedback. We are just learning so be gentle but honest.

This is the home page for the blog.

Here is what the introductory pages about the authors. You can click on “more about so and so” and it will take you to a page like this:

These next two pages are the About SUU Page. Do we have the right information about SUU? What else should be included?

Finally, this is the basic contact page.

Also, did you notice the latest tweet bar at the bottom on the page? So good, right? I love it. jQuery for the win!

  • What do you like?
  • What do you dislike?
  • What do you hate?
  • What would you change?



One thought on “font-family: rockwell, georgia, serif;

  1. I like all the colors. I think the “live vicariously through a few good students” is a little oddly worded. What makes us “a few good students”? Good in what way? I just feel that other students reading it may think that we’re trying to be better than the rest. Also, is it supposed to say “We will march up to the President’s office to get the answers”?

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