I love my major

When I was preparing for college I was told the average college student will change their major three times before they graduate. When I heard this I thought to myself: “No way is that happening to me.” And I didn’t change three times, I changed my major five times.

I started my freshman year at a university up north as an Interior Design major, after one semester I ditched that idea for Social Work which also lasted one semester. My sophomore year I transferred here to SUU and decided to try out the Communication department but claimed no emphasis. I then spent the summer between my sophomore and junior year in a huge conflict of what to do. I ended up starting my junior year as an English major. That lasted one day.

So back to the Communication department I went, and I’ve been in Advertising ever since. But still it wasn’t until now, my senior year, that I have been 100% sure of this major. I love being in my senior level classes. I’m learning so much and I’ve never felt so creative in my life. I love it. I think it’s a good sign when I actually enjoy reading my textbooks.

One of the required classes for Advertising majors is COMM 3501 which is the Practicum-PR-Ad Lab also known as the Centurium Consultant Group (CCG).

Members of the class work together to create advertising for clients. I’m on the creative team. I felt a bit inadequate at first because I had no idea how to use some of the programs we use but I’m learning and it’s been good, really good.

Here are a few of my projects from the semester:


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