Being a Grown Up

Sometimes when you are in college you have to be a grown up. Hopefully, by your senior year you have learned about this tragic fact. Being a grown up includes paying electric bills, cleaning the bathroom when no one tells you to clean, taking your car to the shop, and not eating straight sugar for every meal.

This week, I had a grown up moment. Confession: this is probably going to my more dry blog post yet. If you are not into the practical seen turn back now. This will not be a comedy routine.


You can't really see it, but there is about an inch of water down in the bottom of this bad boy.

My grown up moment came because of the malfunction of a modern technology. My lovely dishwasher decided not to drain. My roommates and I have used this dishwasher about 3 times the whole semester. Of course, this would be the time that our dishwasher was packed to the max and our sink was FULL of dirty dishes. All of my roommates were gone for the weekend, so I had to choice but wash nearly every dish in my entire apartment by hand by myself. My fairy Godmother wasn’t going to help me either.

45 minutes of washing and super wrinkly skin later, my entire kitchen counter was full of clean dishes.

clean dishes

For all of you out there that have a mom to still do your dishes for you, I have a suggestion. Wash your dishes immediately after eating. You will avoid just about every roommate fight I have ever heard of happening by following this simple rule. Another suggestion: Get one of these dish scrubbers with the soap built into them. It makes doing the dishes 3 times as easy. Even on the slimmest college budget, getting one of these $2 brushes will be worth it’s weight in gold. In fact, I had a roommate sophomore year who was getting married, and I really didn’t want him to move out because that would mean he was going to take his scrub brush with him. Spoil your roommates like me.

My life is so glamorous.

Also, I spent the whole week coding a website from scratch and studying for big tests. That is why I am blogging about my dirty dishes.

Happy Mid-terms.

Love, Sam


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