I love Olympic Tennis.

Last night was the end of a very good tradition. Every Wednesday night since May my friends and I have headed over to the SUU Tennis Courts for a weekly game of Olympic Tennis.

Olympic Tennis is a bit like King of the Court. You have two people on the far side of the court, and then two lines that you rotate through on the other. You play out the point and when the team on the far side gets 3 strikes you switch.

We started playing in the summer, and it became the perfect activity to invite new friends too. The game is easy to pick up and we have tennis players of all skill levels. While you’re waiting in line you can catch up with friends and before you know it it’s your turn to hit. Basically Olympic Tennis is social exercise, the best kind. A lot of random people have came and joined us too, so it’s also been a great way to meet a lot of new people, I’ve loved it.

Unfortunately the weather has gone downhill and it is just too cold to keep our late night tennis going. Hopefully we’ll get an early spring and can pick up again next semester.


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