Hip Hop/Breakdance

My biggest passion is dancing, and not just any kind of dancing but Hip Hop and Breakdance. This year I am apart of the Hip Hop Breakdance Club at SUU. In this club we get to learn different styles of Hip Hop as well as Breakdance, and also a bit of Stepping. Through out the year we get to do preformances. Some of the places we will perform at will be: the Howl, baskeball games, the International Food Fair, and the Step Show.

Right now in Hip Hop Club we are working on a Step. If you dont know what Stepping is, its rhymic clapping, and slapping mixed with Hip Hop. The president of the club Jonathan Brooks choreographed the Step that we are going to perform at the International food fair.

Hip hop club isn’t just for people who already know how to dance. Anyone can join that wants to learn.

Here is a video of a step we recently learned.


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