guitars unplugged

One of the organizations I’m involved with on campus is Power 91. Power 91 is SUU’s radio station and Monday was their annual acoustic guitar competition, Guitars Unplugged.

The contest was held in the Sterling R. Church auditorium. Alumni Richie T. Steadman (’05) from X96 radio even came to MC. Each contestant was given 5 minutes to impress the judges with their skills for the chance to win a $1,000 guitar from Whittlesticks.

Music is one of my most favorite things. I am continually impressed by how talented musicians are. The auditions for the event left me in awe, and the actual competition was even better. I think musicians impress me so much because it is a talent I don’t have, I tried to learn the guitar but man, not for me.

Here are some clips from a few of the performances, I wish I had gotten some footage of all of the performances. They were all so good.

The day after the event I kept catching myself humming that last song, it was one of my favorite performances.

And this man ended up being the winner. The crowd was really digging the song he played, he even wrote it himself.

His voice is so good. After they announced he won he came back up and played some Frank Sinatra, “Fly Me to the Moon” to be specific, one of my top 10. I was extremely happy.

I wish I had gotten more video. So much good music. Some people are just so talented.


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