Waking up in Vegas

Las Vegas. The one and only. People travel from all over the entire world to go to Las Vegas, but those of us in Cedar City Utah are only a meager two and a half hours away from the city of lights.

Headed to Vegas!

This past weekend, myself and several of my friends decided to make a trip down to Vegas to stay at one of our friend’s house. We all got our gear together and set off in our little caravan.

A few hours later, we were there. After unpacking and eating some grub, we all headed down to Fremont Street. The coolest part of Fremont street was the lighted ceiling up above us. They had music videos and advertisements playing up above and it was pretty breathtaking.

Can you tell who is real? 😀

The next day we went to Fashion Show Mall. It was HUGE! We spent all afternoon shopping, watching a fashion show, and taking photos.

The final thing we did in Vegas was walk “The Strip”. Seeing the crazy amount of people and advertising around was insane. We made a stop in M&M World and enjoyed the Bellagio Watershow while we were there.

High Five! Umm.. High four?

Las Vegas is like nothing else. I have traveled to many places around the world in my life so far, but nothing quite as “over the top” as Las Vegas, Nevada. The fact that we in Cedar City are only two and a half hours away from Vegas is cool, because Vegas is something that everyone should experience at least once.


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