The Hipster Inside of Me

When I am in need of a quiet afternoon, I head down to Cedar City’s local coffee shop. Forget Starbucks, I would take The Grind everyday over them. I suppose it is the little hipster that lives inside of me that loves to spent time alone reading {on my Kindle} at The Grind. Frankly, I just love Main Street in Cedar City. So many good little stores are located there. I hope that I can get to all of them throughout the whole year to introduce you to them.

The Grind, Cedar City

The Grind, Cedar City

The vibe at The Grind is perfect. It smells like a coffee house, a smell of which I am a particularly fond. Although, I am not a huge coffee drinker. Half of the store is regular table and chairs, and the other half is a looks like a classy thrift store with all the vintage chairs and tables. The music they play is so great that I would subscribe to it on XM radio, if they actually had a station. I usually have my phone out Shazaming nearly everyone song, so download them on iTunes when I get home. See why I am saying The Grind brings out the hipster inside of me?

The Grind, Cedar City, Italian Soda

I consider an Italian Soda and a good book the perfect Saturday afternoon. Especially if you are lucky enough find an open vintage chair to relax and read in. FYI, I was reading the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, and I love my Kindle.

What can you order at The Grind? Luckily for you, I took a picture of their menu.

The Grind, Cedar City, Menu

I loved, loved, loved, loved the Orange Creamsicle drink. It tasted like they blended actual orange creamsicles and topped it with whipped cream. I thought the “Not-so-frozen Hot Chocolate” shake was not thee best drink I have ever had. It was tasty, but I actually prefer DQ’s Frozen Hot Chocolate. There just needed to be more chocolate in the drink for this guy. Yeah, I do like my drinks to be high in calories. Sue me. I once tried the Blackberry Lemon Freeze. It was pretty swell. It would make a perfect drink for a hot summer day. I would endorse it for attendees of the July Jamboree. My classic drink from The Grind is an Italian Soda, I have tried blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry, and I have yet to be disappointed. On my last trip, my taste buds were pleased to enjoy a Dulce de Leche Chai Tea. Chai Tea, first of all, tastes like Christmas. Second, add caramel into the mix and bingo.

Unfortunately, I haven’t stopped into The Grind 75 times to try everything on the menu, so here are my friend’s suggestions:

For our coffee fans, my friend Joey says to order a White Chocolate Mocha. She also considers their veggie sandwich on a croissant to be thee best thing on their menu. Their mochas must be something worth tasting because one of my friends in the Communication Dept. says she orders a 16 oz Mocha, no whip, every time.

My pal, Alex says the Mango smoothie is divine. She says it tastes like you are drinking a mango with whipped cream on the top. “So fresh.” The 4 berry smoothie is also endorsed by another one of my friends, Jessica. Oh, and they use real whipped cream. Not gross Redi-Whip.

Lynley, an SUU alum, gives her nod to the Irish Creme Steamer.

My next trip to The Grind I will be ordering their Red, White, and Blue Shake. It has Pop Rocks in it, so I kind of have to try it. It is a temptation I am willing to give in to. Best part, it will be 10% off because I am an SUU student.

I would love to hear what your indulgences  are at The Grind. Leave a comment and let me know.


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