Cliff Jumped.

This past Saturday I headed down to Sand Hollow State Park with a few friends.

With the exception of my Freshman year of university I’ve lived my entire life in Cedar City. Still in my 21 years I had not experienced Sand Hollow until this past weekend.

Less than an hours drive south and you’re surrounded by beautiful red rock and clear water. Prime location.

The reservoir offers plenty of space to boat, jet ski, kayak, fish and there’s a beach where we played some frisbee. There were even a few people out on stand up paddle boards, one lady was doing yoga on one.

We mainly came for the cliffs.

When we arrived at the cliffs the first thing I thought to myself was “No way am I jumping off that.”

But after a few minutes of watching I changed my mind.

So I jumped. The drop seems to last forever, but then you hit the water, come right back up, and it’s not even that big of a deal. But still, way thrilling.

I didn’t even dare keep my eyes open the whole time.

I’ll have to work my way up to being more extreme.

Probably not that extreme though.

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