Out of My Dorm and into the Wild

Cedar City is well-known for the many awesome opportunities that can be found in the outdoors. It’s said that you can go 40 minutes in any direction and find something new to do in the wild like boating, snowboarding, and hiking. Now, while I don’t have anything against nature, I did not enjoy it much before coming to Cedar City. In Roosevelt, much of the surrounding terrain was farm country.  Now that I’ve experienced some of the great Southern Utah nature, I’m much more eager to get out of my dorm and into the wild.

A group of my new college friends and I all decided to go hike up to Cascade Falls together. We all met together on a beautiful Saturday morning and climbed into our cars to get out there together.

After about an hour and two wrong turns, we arrived at the trail head. Eager to get up on our feet, we all hopped out ready to get hiking. After snapping a few pictures and almost losing one of our shoes off of a cliff, we started the hike up to Cascade Falls.The hike was beautiful. It had been raining the week before, so everything was a luscious green. After a fairly easy twenty minutes, a part of the falls were in sight.The loud rush of water seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute, nature was completely calm and silent, the next, we could hear the powerful rush of hundreds of gallons of water rolling throughout the mountains. It was a rush.

If you’re going to go down by the falls, make sure you’re really careful and stay safe.

The hike up the falls was a fun time and a great bonding experience for me and my friends. I love the unique opportunities that I am having down here in Cedar City Utah!


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