journalism, dancing, and Justin Bieber.


Admit it, you hear the word and you think of some cynical writer whose job it is to unlock all the secrets of public figures.
No, that’s not what you thought of? Well, good. Oh, and what does Justin Bieber have to do with anything? We’ll get there.
I began the path to journalism long ago — 7 years ago, to be exact. I started out working for the “teen section” of The Standard Examiner. Three years and an internship later, I found myself working as a reporter for the University Journal. 
Fast forward two years (and a few months). I have had the experience of being a reporter, copy editor, Accent editor, and sometimes even played the role of my own photographer. I think my experiences here will definitely help me in the “real world” when I graduate.
Now, back to JB and other fun items of business.
Sometimes, during long layout days, we would take a break from editing and laying pages out to have dance parties.  And a few weeks ago, Justin Bieber even made an appearance at our editor’s birthday party.
And who doesn’t need Somebody to Lovepeace & blessings.

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