What Happened in Vegas

41-16. No, that is not my pant size, the ratio of male to female children in the Duggar Family, the length of my forearm in centimeters, or the name of a freeway. That number would happen to be the score of the football game when Southern Utah traveled down south to University of Nevada Las Vegas, and the 41 belongs to SUU. Shazam! I still don’t even understand the hand signals the referees make to communicate with each other, but I am excited about SUU football right now. UNLV is a Division 1 program, usually playing with the likes of TCU, Boise State, BYU, and the T-Birds slammed them. There was a whole lot of Thunder going on inside that stadium.

The seating arrangement for the student section was placed right in the middle of the UNLV fan section. They hated us! There were some die hard UNLV fans sat through the whole game rows away from the student section. They tried to cheer louder than us, but it didn’t work. By the time the score hit 34-10 most of the UNLV fans had left the stadium anyway.

I am not about to offer any commentary on the game. All I am really aware of is that, SUU gave UNLV a real beating on their home field. For some reason, UNLV’s quarter back just loved throwing the ball to SUU players. It was real good.

I haven’t felt school spirit so high since last January when SUU Gymnastics upset UCLA. Good day to be a Thunderbird.

And, we are getting some attention for it: check out these tweets.

We are hot and dangerous, so Rebels if you aren’t one of us don’t roll with us.


2 thoughts on “What Happened in Vegas

    • Nicole, it is TRAGIC that you were in Vegas, but you didn’t go to the game. Any friend of the tbirdnation would have loved to be there. Next time we play a Division 1 school, be there!

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