basically just a big party.

Homecoming week is basically just a week long party.

Friday was definitely the highlight for me. One of the classes I’m taking this semester is Event Management. For this class we help out with a select events throughout the semester. The “Future is Rising” campaign was one of them. Most people are probably unaware that days before the event two locations were set up on campus for this event to potentially take place. Upper Quad and also the Sharwan Smith Center, just in case the weather didn’t cooperate. Friday morning the weather call had to be made, and I’m extremely glad they stuck with the outdoor venue, even if the event ended in a downpour, the rain just made the event that much more memorable.

I was able to be one of the 200 students who took out candles during the presidents speech, and I got a free shirt just for doing that.

The president finished speaking and cue the fireworks

There were 4 bands that came and played, live music is one of my most favorite things.

My favorite of the night was definitely the Joe Muscolino Band, my friends and I were front and center, it was perfect. Their cover of “Africa” by Toto was so good, I loved it. You wouldn’t think you could form a mosh pit to that song, but apparently that’s possible.

My Saturday involved constructing a float for Kayak Club, and by construct I mean putting a Kayak on a wagon.

Probably thee best float. Kayak Club meets Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Pool, since you were wondering.

Then came the fantastic football game.

We won by a lot, thee perfect way to end Homecoming Week 2011.

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