Homecoming Car Bash

As I’m sure you know, last week was the homecoming here at SUU. It was a great week filled with a ton of fun activities. One homecoming tradition that we have here at SUU is the “Car Bash”.

Basically, we get an old car and spray paint the entire thing with the homecoming game opposing team’s logo, then after our pep rally the entire student body goes out to the car and proceeds to beat the car to a pulp with a sledge-hammer.

Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. 🙂

There was one twist to the car bash this year however… After fifteen or so students took their swings at the car, the sledgehammer broke. Yes, it broke in half.

After the sledgehammer broke, we all didn’t know what to do. We were unable to find another hammer, so some of the football players came out and literally ripped the car apart. Students helped pull the doors, hood, and whatever we could grab off/out of the car. It was a blast!

There were many other great activities like the Tyler Ward concert and homecoming football game which we won 45 to 22.

It’s great to be a ThunderBird!


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