back to the fifties.

Last Friday was LDSSA’s opening social. It was 50’s theme, a perfect reason to get dressed up.

There was food, a car show, and a dance party.

The party was held outside the Heritage Center. Outdoor dance parties are always thee best idea.

No social outing would be complete without an awkward experience on my part. I had just finished swing dancing, which was such an accomplishment for me because I seriously have no rhythm, thank goodness my partner was a pro, when I looked down and noticed my foot was covered in blood. See, I had been hiking the week before and my Teva’s like to eat my feet, so somehow that wound gashed open. So my friend being the good person she is accompanied me to Lins. We ran in our 50’s housewife attire through the parking lot, into the store, and all the way across the store to the bathrooms. She had an apron on and everything it was perfect. Of course we were stared at, and my awkward hopping didn’t help that out either. The bleeding stopped and the good people of Lins gave me a band-aid, and back to the party we went.

And we danced ’til we were dead tired.


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